Character information
Portrayed by Rita Volk
First seen "Pilot"
Last seen "Karmic Retribution"
Season(s) S1,S2
Episode(s) 17
Full name Amy Raudenfeld
Family members Farrah Raudenfeld (mother)
Bruce Cooper (step-father)
Lauren Cooper (step-sister)
Status Alive
Sexual Orientation Unknown

Amy Raudenfeld is one of the main characters of MTV's original scripted series, Faking It. She is best friends with Karma Ashcroft with whom she is currently in a fake relationship. She is portrayed by Rita Volk.


Amy comes from a conservative family that lives in Texas. She has been best friends with Karma since kindergarden.


  • Karma - Amy and Karma have been best friends since they were young; also has a crush on Karma (fans have shipped the two as "Karmy").

Season OneEdit

At school, it appears that Amy is quite unpopular yet doesn't seem to have a problem with it. Her stepsister Lauren is pretty mean to Amy and Amy doesn't like her either.

Amy and Karma get approached by Liam and Shane who defend them against Lauren. Shane introduces himself and Liam and Amy responds after Karma ran away to throw up. Then, Shane invites Amy and Karma to his party. After Amy leaves, Shane says that he's always wanted lesbian friends mistaking Karma and Amy for a couple.

At the party Amy seems very uncomfortable and awkward. When she is sitting outside on a bench she's joined by Shane. Still feeling out of place at the party Shane tells Amy that he thinks she's gay. Amy denies it and quickly walks away leaving Shane alone. When Amy finds Karma wanting to go home Shane gets up to make a speech. He tells everybody that Amy and Karma are dating but scared to admit it. Shane elects them as Homecoming Queens. Amy looks embarrassed and says she regrets coming to the party.

In the morning, Amy has a fight with Karma about people thinking that they're lesbians and Karma liking Liam. At school, they find out they've become very popular and Karma says she and Amy are together leaving Amy angry.Later, Karma convinces Amy to pretend to be a couple to be more popular.

After Karma kisses Liam, Amy is really mad and seems jealous.She tells Karma she doesn't want to fake their relationship anymore. Karma apologizes to Amy who then says she'll pretend to be lesbians.

At the Homecoming Assembly, Amy her stepsister Lauren says that Karma and Amy are faking it. Amy then kisses Karma to prove to the students that they 'really' are a couple. She seems to rather enjoy the kiss and looks very confused after.