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Please read our Frequently Asked Questions as well as our legal disclaimer before sending in your question regarding 'Faking It Wiki and its content. Thank you.

Concerning MTV and the staff of Faking It

Are you staff at MTV? / Do you know the producers/writers/creator? / Have you met any of them?

Faking It Wiki is in no way in touch with MTV or Faking It's writers, director, producers, or cast members. We don’t know their staff, have never met their staff, nor is are they a part of the staff. Please refer to our legal disclaimer for details.

Is 'Faking the official 'Faking It website?

No. Faking It Wiki is an unofficial wiki – we are not affiliated with MTV or the producers, writers, and creator of Faking It. Their official website is located at

'Does the staff at MTV ever visit '

Maybe, but we can’t know. If their staff ever visited or want to let us know that they did, we’re sure we’ll receive an official communication.

Will you forward my message/letter to MTV?

No, sorry. We are not in touch with MTV, so you cannot contact them through us. Any messages/letters directed to them will only be ignored and deleted if sent to us. Try their official twitter, @mtvfakingit.

Concerning Faking It Wiki & Its Content

Do you own the pics in the gallery? Can I repost them?

Faking It Wiki does not claim ownership over any of the photos featured in the gallery, unless stated otherwise; the photos are not copyrighted to Faking It Wiki.

'Is there a way to join the staff of 'Faking It Wiki?

We will only consider adding new admins if you are an active user and post on our wiki regularly.

What programs do you use for the site?

Photo Pos Pro &

Will you make me a layout/site for free/if I pay?

We don’t build fansites for others, but ocasionally we design (without coding) for other sites in exchange of image accounts, photos and sometimes money, but we don’t make free designs. Contact Katerina Sykes if you are interested in getting a design for your own wiki and if we have time, we’ll be happy to help you out.

Why haven’t you answered my emails?

We run a large number of other wikis alongside Faking It Wiki, and all emails regarding them as well as Faking It Wiki go to the same address. So we get many emails on a daily basis, and it is impossible for us to respond to them all. But we always try to reply to all of them.

If your question was not answered in the above FAQ, feel free to send it in. Don’t forget to add an appropriate subject title to your email! Thanks!