Faking It is an MTV original scripted series that premiered on April 22, 2014.

Plot Edit

At Hester High in the suburbs of Austin, being different is popular. Karma Ashcroft (Katie Stevens) and Amy Raudenfeld (Rita Volk) have tried everything to stand out. Under the pretense that they are closeted lesbians, Shane Harvey (Michael Willett) invites them to his high school party. Excited to have a chance to join the "in" crowd, they accept. When they are mistakenly outed as lesbians and involuntarily nominated to becoming homecoming Queens, they continue the charade when their popularity soars. While Karma is happy to keep up the lesbian charade and keep her affair with Liam Booker (Gregg Sulkin) a secret, she has not told Liam that she is faking it with Amy and as time goes on, Amy starts to realize she may truly have feelings for Karma

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Season 1Edit

  1. Pilot
  2. Homecoming Out
  3. We Shall Overcompensate
  4. Know Thy Selfie
  5. Remember the Croquembouche
  6. Three To Tango
  7. Faking Up Is Hard to Do
  8. Burnt Toast