Character information
Portrayed by Katie Stevens
First seen "Pilot"
Last seen "Burnt Toast"
Season(s) S1-S3
Episode(s) 38
Full name Karma Ashcroft
Family members Lucas Ashcroft (father)
Molly Ashcroft (mother)
Zen Ashcroft (adoptive brother)
Sexual Orientation likely bisexual

Karma Ashcroft is one of the main characters of MTV's original scripted series, Faking It. Amy Raudenfeld is her best friend and fake girlfriend. Karma has a crush on Liam Booker. She is portrayed by Katie Stevens.


Karma few up in Texas with her family. Her parents are very alternative and are always looking for a way to be different. They believe in fate, destiny, horoscopes, and ironically karma.


  • Amy-Karma and Amy have been friends for almost their whole lives.
  • Liam-Karma meets Liam in the first episode. She is instantly attracted to him but he believes she is a lesbian. However, this only magnifies his attraction.

Season OneEdit

Karma is first seem in her bedroom, getting ready for school while taking to her best friend Amy on the phone. At school, it appears that Karma is quite unpopular but wants to change that.

Amy and Karma get approached by Liam and Shane who invite them to a party. After Amy leaves, Shane says that he's always wanted lesbian friends mistaking Karma and Amy for a couple.

At the party Karma tries to get the attention of Liam by flirting with him. Liam, however, believes that Karma is a lesbian. When Amy finds Karma wanting to go home Shane gets up to make a speech. He tells everybody that Amy and Karma are dating but scared to admit it. Shane elects them as Homecoming Queens. Amy looks emberrased and says she regrets coming to the party.

In the morning, Amy has a fight with Karma about people thiking that they're lesbians and Karma liking Liam. At school, they find out they've become very popular and Karma says she and Amy are together leaving Amy angry.Later, Karma convinces Amy to pretend to be a couple to be more popular.

After Karma kisses Liam, Amy is really mad and seems jealous.She tells Karma she doesn't want to fake their relationship anymore. Karma apologises to Amy who then says she'll pretend to be lesbians.

At the Homecoming Assembly, Amy her stepsister Lauren says that Karma and Amy are faking it. Amy then kisses Karma to prove to the students that they 'really' are a couple. She seems to rather enjoy the kiss and looks very confused after.